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Your divorce introduces great financial uncertainty and complexity that you need to (but may not) understand.  It can be intimidating and confusing to gain the valuable insight that you need.  Fortunately, you are just a click away from gaining a friendly call to understand the financial risks and opportunities for your case through the unique lens of an accomplished divorce financial analyst.  

Primary Services

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Quantifying the financial need of one spouse, financial means to pay for the other, and future income sacrificed for the marriage for either.

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Child Support

Estimating total parental income and other input factors; quantifying deviating factors.  Using statute guidelines to calculate payments. 

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Assets & Liabilities

Estimating values, risks, liquidity, cash flows and other client-important factors to compare the ‘apples’ and ‘oranges’ across the estate.

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Financial Behaviors

Finding hidden assets, quantifying marital asset dissipation, and characterizing frivolous/illegal financial behavior affecting marital assets.

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Co-Mingling of Property

Critiquing and tracing marital and separate equity in real estate and other financial instruments.

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Family-Owned Business

Estimating and critiquing business value, and distinguishing business value from personal income and expenses.

Our Mission is to provide objective and exclusive financial analysis that elevates the effectiveness of your legal team and optimizes settlement outcome

Divorce Financial Analysis - Baron Analytics
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We can quantify how much each of your settlement contentions may be worth, so you can focus your legal efforts to achieve your best settlement. 


Our structured and logical approach will “cut to the truth” to counter the drama and misinformation that otherwise characterize and add costs to many settlement processs.  This helps to reduce your stress and financial risk.  And you focus your costs to the legal arguments that are mostly likely to pay for themselves through your settlement.


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